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Marketing is not a one-time operation. Just like vineyards, your company’s messaging takes care and concern over time. Ending up with a great bottle of wine doesn’t begin with talking to distributors but starts in the field. The soil and the grapes  are the foundation from which wine is created. Vineyard mediumHowever, how the grapes are trellised, when they’re harvested, how they’re pressed and how long they’re aged are just a portion of what it takes to create a great wine. Just as important, without reaching the right market, the wine will sit in the cellar, unsold.

In the same way, analysis must also be nurtured. Good, strategic analysis is neither all qualitative nor all quantitative. Numbers are a jumping off point, a foundation upon which experience and understanding can help choose between multiple options.

Understanding your technology and its markets is the foundation for successful marketing. Rather than rushing to build data sheets, posting to twitter or otherwise charging into the myriad of marketing channels that exist, you first need to understand both your products and what the markets really want, and then define core values so that you take consistent messages to your audience across all channels. It takes a mix of business and technology skills to understand the software and the market in order to build effective messaging to ensure that the right decision makers hear what they need in order to want your technology to solve their business needs.

Teich Communications analysis and marketing services to help you understand your market, where they are now and where they are headed. If you’re working to understand your markets better, or needing to implement a specific tactic for a unique audience, we can help you.


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