David A. Teich has four decades of experience in the business of technology. Experience in marketing, sales, professional services, development and operations means that David can help growing companies better understand and communicate the fit between their solutions and the market’s needs.david_teich_web_sized

Teich Communications provides all levels of service to small and medium size technology firms, including:

  • Market Analysis: What is the big picture and where on the product life cycle is your technology.
  • Strategic Marketing: Interpret technical concepts into how business needs are addressed in order to build better corporate messaging.
  • Product Positioning: Describe what business challenges your future customers want answered rather than focusing on a purely technical sell.
  • Writing: Create effective messaging for all channels.

In addition to strong industry experience, David has an educational background that supports his work as a bridge between technologists and markets. He has an undergraduate degree in business computing (Texas A&M University), a masters in computer science (Stanford University) and an MBA in marketing (Pepperdine University). He is a Senior Contributor at Forbes.

Teich Communications can help your organization translate technical capabilities into business messages.


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