Published Articles

A selection of my published articles.

Evolution of Machine Learning Forbes (September, 2017)

Data Ingestion or Data Indigestion? TechTarget (June, 2017)

Battling MDM’s: Metadata v Master Data Management TechTarget (May, 2017)

“Self-Service” and the business user TechTarget (February, 2017)

eBook including Internet of Things (IoT) TechTarget (October, 2016)

IoT, edge analytics and the network TechTarget (September, 2017)

Business Intelligence Stories and a Common Syntax TechTarget (June, 2016)

 TDWI BI Journal, Volume 21, Number 1, Article: “What Makes Business Intelligence ‘Enterprise’?” An (TDWI, May, 2016)

SQL v NoSQL: It’s not a competition TechTarget (February, 2016)

Business Intelligence and the Eisenhower Matrix TechTarget (January, 2016)

Technology and Disruption LinkedIn (January, 2016)

IOT needs better integration between vendors TechTarget (October, 2015)

Business Intelligence in the Cloud TechTarget (July, 2015)

Hadoop is not Killing Data Schemas TechTarget (May, 2015)

Big Data? Wide Data Matters More TechTarget (January, 2015)

Self Service doesn’t eliminate IT TechTarget (March, 2014)

The Myth of the Data Scientist Toolbox (May, 2014)

BI and Predictive Analytics Toolbox (May, 2014)