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Broadband must become a utility LinkedIn (April, 2020)

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Intel Acquires Artificial Intelligence Chip Maker Habana for $2 Billion Forbes (December, 2019)

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How to build a chatbot with personality and not alienate users Tech Target (November, 2019)

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Human-AI Collaboration Produces Top Results Tech Target Tech Target (October, 2019)

Trimble and Qualcomm Establish An Alliance For High-Accuracy Positioning For Connected Vehicles Forbes (September, 2019)

Amazon Moves Towards Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain Forbes (September, 2019)

ETL By Any Other Name Is Still A Challenge, And Machine Learning Can Identify And Manage The Metadata Forbes (August, 2019)

Microsoft Shows The Fast Follower Model Still Works With OpenAI Investment Forbes (July, 2019

GPU analytics speeds up deep learning, other data insights Tech Target (July, 2019)

Facial Expression Analysis Can Help Overcome Racial Bias In The Assessment Of Advertising Effectiveness Forbes (July, 2019)

Salesforce Announced Intended Acquisition Of Tableau For $15.7 Billion Forbes Forbes (June 2019)

Google Announces Acquisition of Looker In A Move to Support Business Intelligence Forbes (June 2019)

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Acquisition Of Cray Is A Smart Move Forbes (May 2019)

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Data analytics architecture must break down higher ed silos Tech Target (February, 2018)

Management AI: Bias, Criminal Recidivism, And The Promise Of Machine Learning, Forbes (January, 2018)