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New job and still writing the column

I’ve started a position as the content manager for a startup providing home energy management systems integrating their own batteries with solar, grid, and generator power. It’s a really cool product even though it’s out of my comfort zone of enterprise software.

Given that, my Forbes articles on AI will be a bit more rare, but I’m still working on them.

More updates to articles page

I’ve updated the articles link page. They’re all to my Forbes column. April was a busier than usual month, primarily because of a couple of books which were sent to me for review. I also deleted links older than 2018.

I continue to work with a couple of clients at a time while looking for more.

Neural Networks, A “Misunderstanding

I haven’t been blogging much, as I’ve only been updating the links page. However, today’s post

deserves a quick reference. I’m reading a book, for a potential review. As do most books on artificial intelligence (AI), this one has a brief “history” in an early chapter. The authors’ definition of machine learning says expert systems aren’t part of the category. That’s blatantly wrong and I had to rant. Hence that article.

You can get to the rant via the link above or on my published articles page. Enjoy.

Updated articles page

It has been a while since I’ve updated that page, as I’ve been busy. Articles added include discussions of ecommerce, a book review, the insurance industry and my thoughts on a conference I attended (virtually, of course) last week.

On a tangent, I continue with a couple of customers, creating B2B content and messaging for my tech clients.

A market course for which I wrote the tests

I had an unusual contract last year. A online company is extending past test prep. One area they wanted to cover was marketing, and I hooked up with them. They had a textbook selected, and I wrote a few hundred test questions with answers and explanations. It was fun.

It took them a while to get the course accreditation, and the pandemic didn’t help. However, the course is now on the InstantCert site.

Inside the Beltway folks are increasingly talking about Artificial Intelligence policy

I’ve written two articles this month about government policy towards AI. The first is about “Turning Point”, a book by a couple of leads at the Brookings Institution, and a nifty webinar interview with the authors. The second is about a report and webinar driven by the Bipartisan Policy Center. The book was excellent, the report not so much. Even with different results, it is important to note that folks in the Beltway are beginning to speak out on the issue.