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New job and still writing the column

I’ve started a position as the content manager for a startup providing home energy management systems integrating their own batteries with solar, grid, and generator power. It’s a really cool product even though it’s out of my comfort zone of enterprise software.

Given that, my Forbes articles on AI will be a bit more rare, but I’m still working on them.

More updates to articles page

I’ve updated the articles link page. They’re all to my Forbes column. April was a busier than usual month, primarily because of a couple of books which were sent to me for review. I also deleted links older than 2018.

I continue to work with a couple of clients at a time while looking for more.

Neural Networks, A “Misunderstanding

I haven’t been blogging much, as I’ve only been updating the links page. However, today’s post

deserves a quick reference. I’m reading a book, for a potential review. As do most books on artificial intelligence (AI), this one has a brief “history” in an early chapter. The authors’ definition of machine learning says expert systems aren’t part of the category. That’s blatantly wrong and I had to rant. Hence that article.

You can get to the rant via the link above or on my published articles page. Enjoy.